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It is estimated that over one million children in the UK are denied contact with their grandparents due to family breakdown which may have been caused by divorce/separation, alcohol/drug dependency,domestic violence,bereavement or family feud.
Every child has the right to have contact with their grandparents
if they wish and unless proven unsafe for them to do so. To deny contact from a parent or grandparent has to become as socially unacceptable as drink driving.
I hope to keep you up to date with what is going on in BGSG and I shall continue to campaign for the rights of children to have a loving and meaningful relationship with both parents and their extended family. So please join in as good to hear your views, not just mine!
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Esther Rantzen says, " To every grandparent, links of love can never be broken in our hearts."

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Alienated Grandparents Anonymous. AGA Inc.

Alienated Grandparents Anonymous   AGA, Inc.
Meeting Location:  Saint John the Evangelist Church    Library
625  111th Avenue North  Naples, FL  34108
AGA, Inc.  Mailing Address for Headquarters :    P O Box  112621  Naples, FL 34108
Our Latest  YouTubes:
An AGA Grandmother’s Success Story    http://youtu.be/-_oki2FozyU
Attorney Jim Karl’s    Member, AGA, Inc. Board of Directors
            Alienation Law Florida and Nationally   http://youtu.be/rqyj1db7mBs                                 
                         Thursday, March 20th  7:00 P.M.    John Killinger, Ph.D.
                                                                                                    SKYPE Presentation
Dr. Killinger  is  a  minister and  prolific writer who has authored over 60 books including From Poppy With Love… Letters  From a Grandfather to the  Grandchildren He Isn’t Allowed to See         Volumes  1 & 2
Anne Killinger authored  A Son Is A Son Till He Gets A Wife …How Toxic Daughters-in-Law Destroy Families,  knowing all too well the deep-seated anguish that literally invades and takes over one's life when you lose a son - not to illness or accident, but to his controlling wife. The Killingers had two sons, one of which was robbed from them in a brutal and cruel way, and is seemingly lost to them forever. This is about that story, and how it evolved.  It's a journey that leads to acceptance if not reunion, and a manual for others who inexplicably find themselves mired in such a situation.
                                       Anne Kathryn Killinger        A Tribute          from Amanda
The one woman who has impacted my life as an alienated grandparent in such a powerful way has recently passed from us.
When I read the title of her book, A Son is a Son Till He Gets a Wife...How Toxic Daughters-in Law Destroy Families, my perspective was instantly changed. At that very moment of discovery  I learned I was not the only person in the world experiencing the emotional devastating trauma of this journey to isolation.  It was at that very moment that I had hope.  Hope that I could find answers.
Anne answered my phone call, and as I tried to speak through the desperation of my tears and my sobbing, she offered me what no other could.  She truly understood.   She suffered as I did.  I did not have to validate myself with her.  Anne listened to my situation for 1 1/2 hours. There were many more times I needed to call her, and she was always there for me.  We became and remained dear friends.
I told Anne that I would never give up on my grandchildren, even if I could not fix this because I did not cause it.  I told her that I would create AGA so that my three grandchildren would know how hard I tried to give them back their Mimi who continues to love them every minute of every day.
Anne and her loving and devoted husband John of 65 years came to Naples, Florida AGA Headquarters where she presented to 150 grandparents. You could hear a pin drop in the room. Anne spoke of her journey to and through Grandparent Alienation.
Anne was my role model. Anne was the grandmother every grandchild should have in their lives.  Anne was a great storyteller, passing on her legacy in the most articulate manner. Her tone was always very gentle and caring. Her compassion always lent and ear, always there to listen to one's plight.
It has been my goal to be there for grandparents who need an Anne in their lives. It is my objective to reach out to grandparents, and tell them they are not suffering alone. It is my objective to empower each of you with the knowledge of the complex dynamics of Grandparent Alienation.
I can only hope to continue to contribute to the Grandparent Movement against Alienation,  and to pay tribute to what Anne Killinger started by bringing awareness to a previously silent and hidden epidemic.  
I miss you Anne. God Bless You, and may you rest in Peace. May God Bless John through this extremely difficult time.
Grandparents, you may send emails for John Killinger, Ph.D. to me, and I will see to it that he receives your compassionate words. 
Prayers and Love,
Amanda       March 1, 2014               
AGA, Inc.  Founder/President                                                
International Headquarters    41 states   8 countries

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