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Thursday 5 December 2013

Grandparents who take a back seat.

It is always so good to hear successful stories of sons/mums/grandparents being reunited with their children/grandchildren, and like everyone else it gives me hope and I am so pleased for them.
This week I read on a forum of a great case of justice finally being done and the family concerned are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas.
However, I read today with dismay a comment saying - to all grandparents who have made the decision to take a back seat, time to stand beside your son/daughter in court-.
I can not possibly put into words how those few words have made me feel. It was like a dagger through my heart.
'Taking a backseat' was the most difficult decision we have ever had to make, to lose the little girl who we all love so,so much breaks our hearts daily. It was not a decision that was taken lightly, believe me.
The internal turmoil it caused and continues to do so is unbelievable, a part of all of my family is missing.
Having been at the receiving end of many unpleasant comments when doing articles etc, it is something that I have nearlygot used to and I usually don't even read them as so hurtful, but this has really taken me right back 61/2 years ago when this pain started.
As I said, I am absolutely delighted for this family, but please don't think that those of us who for whatever reason are not going through court are failures.
I for one feel a failure already.


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