Hi everyone and welcome to Bristol Grandparents Support Group blog. Although we are Bristol based we have grandparents from all over the UK and beyond as members.

It is estimated that over one million children in the UK are denied contact with their grandparents due to family breakdown which may have been caused by divorce/separation, alcohol/drug dependency,domestic violence,bereavement or family feud.
Every child has the right to have contact with their grandparents
if they wish and unless proven unsafe for them to do so. To deny contact from a parent or grandparent has to become as socially unacceptable as drink driving.
I hope to keep you up to date with what is going on in BGSG and I shall continue to campaign for the rights of children to have a loving and meaningful relationship with both parents and their extended family. So please join in as good to hear your views, not just mine!
I also will support via Skype.
There is no membership fee to be part of Bristol Grandparents Support Group.
Esther Rantzen says, " To every grandparent, links of love can never be broken in our hearts."

Please contact during office hours.

Friday 26 October 2012

Link to Radio Bristols Breakfast .

As promised link to Radio Bristol Breakfast programme, the interview is about 34 mins from the beginning.
It is only online for 7 days!

What are we doing to the children?

This morning I sat through a 2nd reading of a private members draft Bill on FAMILY JUSTICE (TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND COST OF LIVING) .
It began at 9:30am and finished around 2pm!
I find it astonishing to see that so few MP's actually turn up to the House of Commons for readings such as this.
There were 12, but they didn't all stay.
Every MP who spoke pressed the importance of grandparents in children's' lives, providing stability especially when family breakdown occurs.
One MP told of a constituent who is a grandfather.
Grandad had always been very involved in his grandsons life, his daughter and husband split and the daughter went to live with her father (Grandad) and her son.Tragically his daughter died.
It was deemed in the 'child's best interest' to be sent to the other end of the country to live with his Dad. His Dad had seen very little of his son up to this point, had a history and convictions of drug dependancy, and other criminal activities.
The Grandad, has had no contact since.
How can this possibly be in the 'child's best interest,' he is now truanting from school, is disruptive and his general behaviour is cause for concern.
I hear similar cases like this all the time, how can it happen?
Although the guidance is there, time and time again children are being let down by the system that is supposed to be in place to safeguard them.

Radio Bristol Breakfast this morning.

I was asked to do an interview this morning for Radio Bristol Breakfast show, will put link up when it appears!

Thursday 25 October 2012

John Hemming MP

John Hemming MP has the 2nd reading tomorrow in Parliament on his Private Members Bill


The Acid Drip of Parental Alienation.

To those who have not experienced Parental Alienation, the description of the 'Acid Drip' explains it so well.
Acid is corrosive, causes pain, burning, it is damaging and poisonous.
One parent will drip,drip, drip, acid onto the relationship with the other parent, over time the damage is unmeasurable to the child.
To be continually told that one parent is useless and doesn't love you, inflicts pain and burns away at the thoughts of the child.
Eventually poisoning the mind of the child to believing that what they are being drip fed is true.
Children being used as weapons between adults, these children will eventually be adults, able to question this 'Acid Drip.'

Sunday 21 October 2012

If you missed it, only got today to see it!

Here is the link again

Granddads Hurt Too.

We all know that woman are generally good at talking! We find it easy to be emotional etc, it is not always the same for Granddads.
If you are a granddad and of the same generation as Marc, you may find it hard to share your feelings about not being able to see your grandchildren. He comes from a generation of men who were taught to have a stiff upper lip and to keep your feelings under wraps.
You will have seen how open and honest Marc's feelings were in the programme we did. When I asked him afterwards if he was ok with that being shown he said that if it showed other granddads that it is ok to be sad then it was worth it.
It was worth it, we have had many calls and emails from granddads who want to come to meetings, Marc is always there so it's not all grans!
We both look froward to meeting you all.

The Politics Show

Oh and we made The Politics Show as well, in their 60 sec roundup of news!

Yeovil Contact.

I had an email from a grandparent in Yeovil, I replied straight away but it keeps being returned even though I replied to sender, if it is you can you contact me again please.

Common Denominator.

Since the programme on Inside Out West, I have had a huge response from people, all saying "thank goodness I am not the only one."
If you haven't seen it on iplayer, you only have until tomorrow as it is only there for 7 days.
Not only have I heard from grandparents but also from non resident parents, the common denominator is that we are being denied contact with children and grandchildren.
I really would like to see all groups working together, to be able to pool are experiences and skills would be a very positive move.
I was accused this week of always saying that grandparents should not go down the legal route.
There are several things that I need to say, firstly when you take part in any programme or do articles, the editors always edit the content so I have no control at all of the end result.
We spend days filming or talking for probably just a few minutes.
Also it is purely my person view that the legal route has its pitfalls, the emotional stress, the expense etc, that is not to say that if a grandparent makes that decision of course I support them through that.
It can be the correct decision for some and it can be successful, but there are no guarantees.
As said in the programme, it does seem ridiculous in this day and age that we are even discussing the need for people to have to go to court to try and gain contact with their children or grandchildren.


Saturday 20 October 2012

Dates for 2013.

Dates for  Meetings 2013.

Friday Feb 1st 2pm
Friday April 5th 2pm ( AGM)
Friday  June 14th 2pm
Friday August 2nd 2pm
Friday October 11th 2pm
Friday December 13th 2pm.


Next Meeting.

The next meeting is on Friday December 7th at 2pm, this will be the last one this year.
Over the last 5 years we have had a Christmas tree in the garden for grandparents to come and write messages on, this year we hope to have it up in time for the meeting.
It is great to watch the tree fill up as we get nearer to Christmas Day, a little bit of brightness and a symbol of hope.
If you unable to come and visit the tree in person you can always emil me your message and I will put it on for you, but I will post a reminder a bit nearer the time.

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Shared Parenting link

Apologies have had a problem with the link hope this is ok? https://www.education.gov.uk/publications/standard/publicationDetail/Page1/CM-8273


Bath Support?

Once again as a result of the BBC programme I have been asked about groups in different areas.
I have had a grandparent in the Bath area who is interested in  meeting others in the area, so please contact me if that interests you.
It is important again for me to reassure you, that any conversation or email I have is in total confidence, and I never have or would give out names or details without written permission.

Support from a Dad's forum.

I would like to share this with you, a post on a fathers group forum, thanks to joeshmo for giving me permission to post it.:

What a great piece of footage to back up the need for shared parenting.
A very powerful film thats worth emailing to those in high positions.

Its so very easy to get absorbed in our own little world.Our fight to see out children and the rights of our children to see us.
We forget a very big and extremely important third dimension.The Grandparents.

In many case they are even more desperate to see their grandchildren then even the father is.
They love them like they were their own.
Just because in some cases the father does a runner doesnt mean the grandparents don't want to be involved.

What rights do they have.
Jesus we moan about our own situation but these people without their names on the birth certificate and without PR I'm assuming the chance to win contact is zilch.

What I loved about this film was the gender issue got put to one side.

Nasty,evil,abusive,harassing,raping fathers did not feature.
In this film it was both men and women.Brilliant.

I loved the scene in the living room full of just women.Also them complaining about being questioned on harassment and even abduction was surreal.
Come on if we say it who takes any notice however a vunerable grandma,well its just priceless.

The reality is when a woman denies contact she denies contact not only to the father but she is depriving the children of contact with their grandparents also.O and just for good measure theres the great grandparents,uncles,aunties,great uncles,great aunties,1st cousins,2nd cousins etc.
The whole flipping extended family.
Lets see the feminists argue that one.

It would be great if all got to together and fought for 'Family Rights'.The rights of all members of the childs extended family to see those children.

Imagine how powerful a march through london with all these sections of people protesting for shared 

On our own a march with fathers would be ignored.With these people plus any mothers out there who believe in a childs right to see its family then thats a very powerful march.

Just to think.
If my son has a child,splits from his partner and is denied access,my ex would be denied access to her grandchild.

The irony.


Tuesday 16 October 2012

21,515 hits on the blog!

You might be interested to know there has now been  21,515 hits on the blog to date.

Thank you and a big welcome.

Many thanks to everyone for their response and support over the Inside Out West programme yesterday, and welcome to all the new visitors to the website and blog.
For those of you who have just discovered the blog, this is where I endeavour to try and keep grandparents up to date with things that are going on locally and nationally.
It is also good to hear your points of view as well, so please do comment on the posts. Due to an incident a few months ago, all comments now come to me before they are published, so don't think that your comments have disappeared they are just waiting for me to publish them.


Inside Out West BBC programme.

For those of you who have asked this is the link to the programme last night, you need to forward it until about 12 mins before the end.
Thank you all for your support it has been amazing.

Sunday 14 October 2012

Radio Bristol

I am on Radio Bristol tomorrow morning at around 10:30 am.
Talking about the Inside Out West item which is on tomorrow night.

Saturday 13 October 2012

Shared Parenting, has it been shelved?

As you all know when the final Family Justice Report was agreed ,a consultation process was set up to look at legislating for Shared Parenting and we were told their findings would be published in the Autumn.
Well ,it is Autumn, and I understand that the DoE do not have a date on their books for when this will happen or any info it seems.
This is one of the most important decisions as far as families are concerned this government will make, it is in their hands, to stop this dreadful situation of children being denied their human right to be part of both parents lives.
In reality, I fear that there will be no announcement of any sort in the life of this term of office of this government. It will silently disappear.
Silently disappear,just like thousands of non resident parents are forced to do.
I urge everyone to email,write to their MP's etc and demand an answer to this.
A panel of organisations,charities etc have all been working on this panel, if an organisation representing interested parties are not making a BIG noise about this, they have No right to represent  anyone, it is disgraceful.
I suggest you look at the list of those involved.
Tim Loughton MP who was on the panel was removed in the last reshuffle, he had worked so hard for legislating for Shared Parenting, is that why he is no longer involved?

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Thank You Mr Cameron and now.....

So pleased to hear Mr Cameron's speech this afternoon.
He spoke fondly of his father saying he was an inspiration to him and that you only realise how important Dads are when they are no longer there.
That is also what the hundreds and thousands of children are screaming at the top of their voices in the UK, the difference being that they are prevented being part of their Dads life because of adult conflict.
So all the children are waiting for you Mr Cameron to legislate for Shared Parenting.

Monday 8 October 2012

Centre For Social Justice Policy.

http://www.centreforsocialjustice.org.u ... Policy.pdf

Government must NOW legislate for Shared Parenting.

If the government does not legislate for Shared Parenting now, the opportunity to give children their human right to be part of both parents lives will be gone.
This golden opportunity will, possibly not occur for at least a decade.
A whole generation of our children are growing up estranged from one of their parents, if the government are truly advocates of family life, now is the time.



Tuesday 2 October 2012

Scotland- Dundee Grandparents.

I am aware that there are grandparents in Scotland in particular Dundee who are looking for support.
Please contact me if you are in that area.