Hi everyone and welcome to Bristol Grandparents Support Group blog. Although we are Bristol based we have grandparents from all over the UK and beyond as members.

It is estimated that over one million children in the UK are denied contact with their grandparents due to family breakdown which may have been caused by divorce/separation, alcohol/drug dependency,domestic violence,bereavement or family feud.
Every child has the right to have contact with their grandparents
if they wish and unless proven unsafe for them to do so. To deny contact from a parent or grandparent has to become as socially unacceptable as drink driving.
I hope to keep you up to date with what is going on in BGSG and I shall continue to campaign for the rights of children to have a loving and meaningful relationship with both parents and their extended family. So please join in as good to hear your views, not just mine!
I also will support via Skype.
There is no membership fee to be part of Bristol Grandparents Support Group.
Esther Rantzen says, " To every grandparent, links of love can never be broken in our hearts."

Please contact during office hours.

Sunday 29 April 2012

This is why we need support.

Here are  a few quotes from grandparents who have found support from the group.
I am so moved by your comments, thank you. It also shows how important it is to know you are not alone, I am always at the end of the phone.

"An Excellent Website, Very Well Structured And With Lots Of Relevant Information, Keep Up The Good Work."

"Many thanks. That is really helpful."

"I am so grateful that you have offered telephone support."

"Your group is a shaft of light in a very distressing situation-it is hard to talk about this with friends.I usually dissolve in tears."

"Thank you so much for what you are doing and have done."

"I need to talk to others that have the same situation. I need help."

"Thanks for listening, it helps to know someone else cares and understands,"

"Thank you for your time and support."

"Thank you for listening and for your help."

"I was a good mother wife and I'm a good grandmother, I
 feel so alone with no one to talk to about this can you help please."

"Reading your story has touched my heart."

"All we want is to see the grandchildren. It's breaking my heart."

"You have helped me a lot for today knowing we are not alone."

 "Can someone please contact me."

"Were do I go from here, please any advice or guidance, would be alot of help."

"Haven't seen my three grandsons in more than a year and miss them so very much. Please help me."

"Listening to Jane speak about her little grandaughter made me feel very sad . I wish she was my childrens Grandmother , they need someone like her ."

"Sadly I live a long way from Bristol so would not be able to attend meetings but it is a comfort to know that there is some support out there."

"Just heard radio 4 prog. - thank you - so sensible/measured/well thought through.
I can well understand how your speaker felt - and it brought tears to my eyes.......with kind regards."

"Can I join your group?"

"I am writing to say that I support you 100% and hope and pray (and suspect very strongly) that one day she will come looking for you and benefit from a wonderful relationship with her grandmother, which every child deserves, and needs."

"Thanks to Jane for being interviewed today on Radio 4. I felt connected by what you said about Grand Children's rights as opposed to our (Grandparent's) rights. I would like to come to the next meeting?"

"Just a few words to say how touched I was by your honour, courage (not a word I use lightly) and righteousness."

"Having someone in the same position and a support group such as yours would have been a release for me, so I say 'Well done and keep up the good work!'.  

"I heard Jane on Radio 4 this morning and was moved to tears because Jane's situation is so like my own. Thank you so much for helping me to realise that I am not alone."

"Thank you for your work."

"The agony of banishment from ones grandchildren's lives is unbearable."

"I have felt so alone for the last 2 years since my daughter in law decided to exclude me from their life and would love to share."

"I had to stop the car to listen to you and listened again on eye player. Everything you said struck such a chord with me."

"Thank you for the broadcast and for saying out loud what I feel it really does help."

"Listening to you speak on the radio today was like hearing my own inner thoughts and feelings.  Like many others no doubt I was sobbing by the end. I would like to establish a support group in Israel."

"I was very impressed with your presentation on BBC Radio 4 this morning of the 21st February, You have mirrored my thoughts completely."

"It is so good to even know there are other people out there who understands."

"Your  website is beautiful and so helpful. Thank you for your efforts and concerns. It is like a candle in the darkness for people who feel bereaved and do not know where to turn."

"Thanks Jane, that's been very useful."

"Just a quick message to say thank you for your work and keep up the good work. Can't type anymore as I can't see through my tears!"
" Thank you for listening."

"I heard your item on Radio 4 today (Feb 21st). It helped me in my difficulty in understanding the actions of one of my daughters."

"So good to speak with you today Jane.  Extremely beneficial for me to be able to truly share what it feels like."

"Thank you for your support, it means so much."

"Thanks for listening by the way,  Have to blow off steam , the situation is stressful .  I appreciate any support you can give  and Thank You."


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