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It is estimated that over one million children in the UK are denied contact with their grandparents due to family breakdown which may have been caused by divorce/separation, alcohol/drug dependency,domestic violence,bereavement or family feud.
Every child has the right to have contact with their grandparents
if they wish and unless proven unsafe for them to do so. To deny contact from a parent or grandparent has to become as socially unacceptable as drink driving.
I hope to keep you up to date with what is going on in BGSG and I shall continue to campaign for the rights of children to have a loving and meaningful relationship with both parents and their extended family. So please join in as good to hear your views, not just mine!
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Friday 15 April 2011

It is all about control.

You will often hear the phrase, 'its all about control,' when you start to discuss why a resident parent decides that you can no longer have contact with your grandchildren, but what does that mean?
Control over who and about what?
The definition of control is somewhat varied: sway,power,command,rule, charge,authority,supremacy,management,constraint,limitations, curb,check, brake,regulations,suppress, repress, rein in, thats just some.
The resident parent is controlling their child's right to have contact , a right to their identity, their history and right to be cared for by BOTH parents and extended family.
Why? Actually I don't know really.
Even if grandparents have at some time spoken out of turn, overstepped the mark, what sort of person allows this to fester and become entrenched, grandparents are in some cases dying without being able to tell their grandchildren how much they love them.
What will happen to resident parents when their children start to ask questions about their family and they realise that they have been lied to?
The resident parent will lose their children themselves.
Life is so short our children and our grandchildren are on loan to us, they soon go their own way and make decisions for themselves.
Is your grandchild asking, 'Where did Gran and Grandpa go?'

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